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Solar Batteries for Small Systems or Industrial Replacement Cells for out of stock 2 volt Cells

Solar BatteriesC&D Douglas Industrial Cells

7”x31”x24” high each
in steel case of 6-2 volt cells (12 volt unit) w/ 36” cables
Total weight 540 lb – 580 lb
780 AH ea @ 100 hr rate

24 v 780 AH (@100 hr rate)
12v 1560 AH (@100 hr rate)

24 v 1560 AH (@100 hr rate)

24 v 3120 AH (@100 hr rate)
48 v 1560 AH (@100 hr rate)

48v 2340 AH (@ 100 hr rate)
24v 4860 AH (@100 hr rate)

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